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WPForms Pro Plugin Review

WPForms Pro WordPress Plugin Review!

Today Tech Hunt will share the WPForms Pro WordPress Plugin Review, and that I also will show you why it’s one of the best Contact Form Plugins especially for WordPress Websites.

WPForms Pro WordPress Plugin Review

The WordPress market is flooded with numerous Contact Form and Form Builder plugins. the sole problem is knowing which one to settle on which can fit your requirements.

In our opinion, the simplest option you’ll have is WPForms Pro a well-liked plugin that has been employed by many users. It’s available as a free plugin with the choice to upgrade to a paid plan for even more features.

In today’s post, we are getting to review the WP Form Pro plugin. this text goes to require you thru everything you would like to understand about the plugin. So keep reading because, by the top of it, this plugin might just be the shape builder you’re trying to find, for your business.

WPForms Pro
WPForms Pro

WPForms Pro Plugin Introduction

WPForms Pro has been within the marketplace for quite a while now and this plugin has garnered tons of praise over time. With an excellent 4.9 out of 5-star ratings and 3248 reviews (and counting) for the Free Version, WP forms have tons to supply to its users.

The WP Forms Pro may be a drag and drop form builder plugin and dealing with it’s really very easy. the facility punch that this plug is allows you to make multiple, creative forms for contact, subscription, payment, etc in a matter of minutes. And it’s super-fast, light-weight, highly advanced, and compatible with plenty of other plugins also.

At the time of making the plugin, the team always considered user experience as its foremost priority. Therefore to form it beginner-friendly, the team added dozens of pre-built form templates to assist you in easily rise and running.

The plugin is responsive for devices and screen sizes of all kinds. it’s been alright optimized for performance and receives regular updates too. Overall, it’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to integrate a Contact Form into their website.

But before we reach any conclusions, let’s explore it a touch more, starting with the features.

WPForms Features

As already mentioned, this type of builder plugin is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Compatible to screen sizes starting from phones to computer screens. Most of the themes with their drag and drop features became the talk about the WordPress community.

Thus, WordPress form builder offers an equivalent level of flexibility and smoothness which allows you to create a form in a matter of minutes. The fields are often arranged for a far better visual appeal and functionality with only one click.

The most important thing here is, no coding knowledge is needed! you’ll just install the plugin and obtain your thanks for building the foremost illustrative user interaction form for your business.

The plugin has been extensively documented so it’s easy to line your hands thereon if you ever face a drag handling it.

Pre-built Templates

Keeping the vastness of the industry category in mind, WordPress has designed this plugin to cater to multiple industries. Some the shape option which is usually used are:

  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter Subscription Form
  • Email opt-in Form
  • Survey and poll Form
  • Donation Form
  • Billing and form
  • Suggestion Forms
  • Feedback Form
  • Request a Quote Form

While a couple of those templates are available within the basic package, you’ll need to distribute $49 to $199 to urge many addons and endless benefits.

If you’re from a singular industry and you’re wondering if this plugin is that the right one for you. Yes, it is. Install the shape Templates Pack addon, then a tailored form for your business or industry is simply a couple of clicks away.

Payment Collection via Form

Now if you’re within the eCommerce business, or exploring the thought of building one, then there’s a particular need for a web payment option for your customers. Or if yours may be a non-profit that you accept online donations, then the great news is, WP form plugin comes integrated with PayPal and Stripe. it’s made payments a lot easier.

Field Categorization

The fields are categorized primarily into 3 separate sections –

  • Standard – Includes name, email, single line and paragraph text, dropdown, multiple-choice, etc.
  • Fancy – Includes phone, file upload, website / URL, page break, captcha, etc.
  • Payment – Includes MasterCard payment, single/multiple item payment, etc.

Apart from the above, the shape is optimized for web and server performance ensuring maximum speed.

The fields are the foremost important thing to be utilized in a form. So let me share a quick way to make your own from within the WP Form Pro builder.

First, select the type of form that you simply want to create to support your business needs. Then, Click on the ‘Fields’ option on the left corner of the screen. it’ll open a pop-up with the foremost commonly used field options like name, contact number, email id, address, date and time, etc.

However, intricate fields like website URL, file upload, payments, etc. also are available when it involves a set of in-depth data. Now to make a sort of your own, all you’ve got to try to do is select the specified field, drag and drop it within the form on an area of your choosing. Voila, you’re done making your form for your website.

Easy to feature a Form

With the arrival of WP forms Pro, embedding your form into the website is simply a couple of clicks away. Now, no coding or copy-pasting the shortcode manually. All you’ve got to try to do is,

  • Click on the ‘Add Form’ button located above the text editor.
  • Chose the relevant form from the pop-up.
  • Select the proper form and click on on the ‘Add Form’ button.
  • Smart Conditional Logic.

Despite the planet slowly going digital, filling a web form is tedious at the best. For that matter, filling any form may be a pain. For a replacement user, this is often a task he/she will certainly not search for.

But if you’re giving a form to an existing user, then why not give them the fields that supported their last form? Wondering if this is often possible. Well, let’s just swipe the clouds of doubt from your head directly.

With the WP form Pro builder and its smart conditional logic, you’ll show only the specified fields of the shape that supported the user’s last form submission.

This way, your user doesn’t need to see the fields which he doesn’t want to fill thus making a form submission less time-consuming for him and this whole process also ensures high completion and submission rates.

Zapier and Email Marketing Addon + Gutenberg Support

Now with all that subscriptions, registrations, requests, quotes, etc., you’d not want your mailbox to be choked. For subscription requests, manually collating the e-mail ids then copy-pasting the info is that the last item you’d want to try to to.

Wp Forms Pro have gotten an answer for you. It’s auto-integration capabilities to Email Marketing Platforms like Mailchimp, Drip, GetResponse, Aweber, and Campaign Monitor.

Zapier is that the most intelligent thanks to automating inter-app data movement. So if you would like to attach your WPForm Pro to your favorite app, which you’ll choose between the 1300 plus web apps that are already supported.

Zapier allows you to maneuver data from your WP Form to Salesforce, Freshbooks, Hubspot, Twilio for creating leads, invoices, contacts, or send text messages respectively. this is often just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities that Zapier offers you.

Despite getting some flak since inception, Gutenberg has built a reputation and carved a distinct segment for itself and is here to remain. WP Forms has added support for the Gutenberg WordPress Editor also. Its very own Gutenberg block makes adding WP Forms to Gutenberg-managed content a cakewalk.

What sorts of Forms are you able to Create?

Here are a number of the forms that you simply can create with the plugin.
Survey/Poll Form

This form template allows you to conduct surveys and polls on your website. Now, when this type is combined with conditional logic, the survey questions are often personalized supported user responses.

Another feature of WPForms Pro arms you with a feature to share the poll results on your website or your followers on social media. That’s a very nice thanks to creating awareness and reach the masses with only one form.
Login and Registration Form

Now if you’re into the eCommerce business, social media platform, video/audio uploading, community-centric platforms, or an internet site that intends to cater specially to its members, you’ll definitely need your customers to check-in and register.

WPForms Pro answers your call again. Create a form by just dragging and dropping the specified fields and yes, such a contact form is often embedded anywhere within the website. Thus not forcing your users to travel to the sign-in page whenever and portraying professionalism by caring about their time.

Payment Collection through the shape

Online shopping platform or a non-profit organization, the choice to simply accept online payments via cards and virtual wallets is usually a boon for the user and therefore the service provider.

WPForms Pro is integrated with PayPal and Stripe to facilitate payment. within the case of selling merchandise, products, or services online, the order page is often designed to form the customer see their purchases and a classic thanks to gain their trust and loyalty to your brand.
Post/Comment Submission Form

If your website caters to like-minded people using the web to talk about common concerns, events, places, activities, etc., then the ‘Post Submission Addon’ fills the shoes for this specific purpose. With this addon, you’ll accept articles, contents, reviews, testimonials, feedback from your user.

All of the above without having to supply backend access to each user. The content is going to be kept as pending in your post editor and after reviewing the post, you’ll publish an equivalent.

More Features Available within the Upgraded Version

With the simplest WP Form Pro plugin, comes the simplest of features.

  • Custom captcha – this feature may be a great way to fight spam. you’ll put random math questions or your own questions. That way you’ll rest assured that your website may be a complete spam-free zone.
  • Geolocation– It helps you to store the situation data of your users and visitors alongside their form entry.
  • Signature – this is often yet one more brilliant feature that the plugin offers. It allows you to facilitate your users to sign their initiates via the mouse or touchpad. Now that’s a stunning thanks to personalizing the user experience.
  • Instant notifications – you furthermore may get to trace and answer all the leads that come your way. This sets the impression that you simply are actively engaged and involved in your business.
  • Smart Form Confirmation – With this one you’ll display a custom message or take your users to a custom many thanks page of your website. that’s really sweet because these little gestures mean tons once you do business.
  • Form Locker – This helps you manage form access rules, permissions and controls via password protection, date/time limit to make expiry, limit access to specific users, and more. In other words, it’s quite a protective layer for your form to avoid spammers and hackers.
  • Form Abandonment – it’s a sleek feature to capture the info from all the unfinished forms.
  • Offline Forms – This feature comes in handy in cases when the web connectivity is intermittent because it allows the users to submit their forms when the web is restored.
  • SEO – this is often now a neighborhood and parcel of each website that comes abreast of the online. I mean, who would create an internet site and not want it to be found? So even the WPForms Pro is SEO Optimized to gradually reach the masses healthily.

How to Install WPForms Pro In WordPress?

Now that I even have taken you thru the exciting features that this plugin has got to offer, let me offer you a tutorial on the way to install this plugin and obtain started building your forms.

If you’ve got been using WordPress for a short time I’m assuming that you simply are already conversant in the method of putting in a plugin. the method is that the same during this case too. Here’s how you are doing it.

  • Go to the Admin Panel of your website and click on plugins>Add New and sort “WPForms” within the search box.
  • Click on Install then Activate button for the plugin to start out working.
  • Once the installation is completed, with the installation you’ll see a screen with an introductory greeting.
  • There is a path to a really extensive guide that you simply can use to understand the plugin inside out.


Creating your First Form With WPForms Pro

To the left of your admin panel, you’ll see different options that permit you to create your first form. Click on the Add New option within the image below.

The basic plugin (WPForms Lite) is free which provides you 3 inbuilt templates ie. Simple Contact Form, Newsletter Signup Form, Suggestion Form, and therefore the choice to create a blank form.

To start with, click on the ‘Simple Contact Form’ template. Adding and removing fields from the shape is simply drag and drop till you discover the design of the shape that matches your taste.

You can follow the Gif below to know how you’ll build your form.

When you are done creating the shape click on the ‘Save’ choice to save your first creation. Now on your left-hand side, you’ll see several options like Setup, Fields, Marketing, etc. return to your admin panel and click on Settings>Notifications.

Add your website or brand email within the ‘From Email’ section and make sure that the website is configured to a licensed service provider to send email from the mentioned email address.

The concluding step is to embed the shape within the website or WordPress Pages. Click on the ‘’Embed” button and replica the shortcode and paste the shortcode in your required page’s text editor.

That wasn’t in the least difficult, was it?

Displaying Your First Form On your Website

Now that you simply are already together with your first form created with the WPForms Pro, it is time you display it on your website. So let’s start.

To be truthful, there are several ways to point out your form on your website. therefore the method you would like to settle on depends on where on your site does one wants your form to reflect. Let’s inspect the various ways of doing it.

Displaying your Form On A WordPress Page

To make your form appear on one of your pages, start by creating a replacement Page. Now click on the Add Form button above the page editor to feature a form on your page.

A new popup will now show up under the name Insert Form. Click on the menu and choose the shape that you simply have already created.

As soon as you decide on the shape, you’ll notice a shortcode appear on your editor. If you publish the page, your Form will automatically go survive your website. Here is an example of the live form.

Displaying Your Form within the Widget Of your WordPress Site

If you ever consider adding the shape to your widget for instance to the footer or the sidebar of your website, then you’ll need to follow this process.

Start by getting to your admin panel. Now on the left side of your panel click on Appearance>Widget. Now scroll right down to find the WPForms Pro widget.

In the next step, you’ll need to drag and drop the WPForms Pro widget to a widget location of your choice. this will be anywhere where you would like your form to point out up. When that’s done, you’re able to click on the WPForms Pro widget to pick your form. Finally, click on the Save option to not lose your settings.

Customizing the Submit Button Text

WPForms Pro also offers you the selection to style your submit button. Here’s exactly how you’ll roll in the hay.

To change the text in your submit button, you’ll first need to attend the shape Builder>Settings>General.

Importing Forms from Other Plugins

Sometimes you would possibly not want to revamp a replacement Contact Form because you’re too keen on the one you were using before installing this plugin. So what does one do if you would like an equivalent one on your website?

Well, the solution is straightforward. If you’re employing a different form like Contact Form 7 or Ninja Forms, WP Forms features a feature using which you’ll import your forms from the above-mentioned plugins to WPForms Pro.

And this step isn’t a sophisticated one. you’ll easily roll in the hay within a couple of minutes. Let see the way to roll in the hay. To import your pre-built form you’ll need to first start by visiting your admin panel.

Now under WPForms Pro click on the Tools option. the subsequent page will show abreast of your screen.

WPForms Pricing

WPforms Pro have a variety of pricing options if you opt to upgrade from the free “Lite” version, take a glance below and choose the version which contains the features you would like.

Basic Package – At $39 a year, you get a license to one site, spam protection, advanced fields, unlimited forms and entries, multipage forms, conditional logic, and one year each for downloads, support, and updates. The features here are impressive and specifically designed for those venturing into the website making business or making their own website for the primary time.

Plus Package – At $99 per annum, you get everything that basic has got to offer like unlimited forms and entries, spam protection, conditional logic, one year each for updates, support, and downloads. Now let’s check out the extra offerings. This package integrates the plugin to MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor. alongside this, you get a license to three sites. It does appear as if a tremendous deal for people trying to find specific data and thus needs a purely business-driven user interaction form.

Pro Package – the simplest package claimed by a huge majority of users worldwide. watching what it’s to supply, I barely doubt them. So you shell you $199 for one year and you get the whole combination of Basic and. Added thereto, you furthermore may get PayPal and Stripe integration, user registration, survey and poll templates, zapier integration, license to twenty sites. 20 sites! Wow! Oh, I even have more to say here.

Exclusive features like Form locker, form abandonment, offline forms, priority support and bonus form templates, signature, post submission, and geolocation. For the cash asked, I actually don’t find it to be a nasty deal. this is often the large brother of WP forms packages and you would like to dedicate yourself towards the constant growth of your website and generate fantastic user feedback, reviews, testimonials, support, and queries, your search stops here.

Elite Package – this is often designed primarily for thorough professional developers and agencies. Priced at $299 for one year, it’s everything that a professional has got to offer. But since this package is for a special category of WordPress theme users, it comes with Client management, Premium WordPress Multisite support, and unlimited site license. You heard that right, unlimited sites. I’m not shocked to listen to this because this package isn’t for one website guy like me. this is often for the large players and it’s the large daddy of all the packages.


WPForms Pro has been created by one of the simplest teams within the WordPress space so you’ll rest assured that it’s been coded well and can have amazing support behind it do you have to run into any problems. WPForms Pro is powerful and but also very easy to use, even for complete beginners.

It’s good that there’s a variety of various payment plans so you’ll choose the one you would like without overpaying for the features that you simply would never use. The lite version is additionally great if you only need an easy contact form solution for your personal site.

WPForms Pro hasn’t been around as long as other contact form plugins like Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms but it certainly holds up against them and will be ready to accomplish most of your needs out of the box,

I hope this review has been insightful to the readers and everybody out there checking out a form builder that’s as smooth as butter.

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