Media Grid WordPress Plugin Free Download [GPL]


Media Grid WordPress Plugin Free Download [GPL]; Today Tech Hunt has shared the latest version of the Media Grid WordPress Plugin for free download to everyone. The shared file is not nulled or cracked file; it’s a 100% genuine GPL license file, and you can use this GPL file on unlimited WordPress websites.

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Media Grid WordPress Plugin Free Download [GPL]; Today Tech Hunt has shared the latest version of the Media Grid WordPress Plugin for free download to everyone. The shared file is not nulled or cracked file; it’s a 100% genuine GPL license file, and you can use this GPL file on unlimited WordPress websites.

Media Grid WordPress Plugin Free Download

The Media Grid is a unique tool to create unlimited responsive, filterable, paginated portfolios with ease. Using advanced CSS and javascript techniques allows you to create your own layouts and adapt them to any container.

Unique means not repeatable by any tool: forget about fixed rows or schemes, here your creativity can be fully exploited.

Worried about the representation of your setup on small screens? There’s a smart system swapping automatically to a simpler and mobile optimized mode: lighter images, touch-proof sizes, and dynamic control on overlay elements. Everything will be always displayed perfectly.

Finally, the plugin integrates each item with the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp) giving a better sharing system, focused on real item content!

The revolutionary engine to create layout-free grids. Supporting any multimedia type and bringing a unique lightbox!

The Main Features Of Media Grid WordPress Plugin

Visual grid builder

Everything gravitates around visual grid builder: the real plugin’s core where you can create your amazing layouts.

Choose among a wide sizes variety to shape up your portfolios: it shows your changes in real-time, representing a real advantage in the projecting phase!

MANUAL MODE: the classical way has become famous in these years. Complete freedom and control over elements composing the grid and its layout.

DYNAMIC MODE: even the biggest grid just requires minutes. Create the base layout, select which elements have to fill blocks, and then tune how Media Grid handles them: repeated structures, pagination, shuffled items. Few clicks to have astonishing results.

Full media support

Media Grid is extremely versatile and features 14 different item types to compose your portfolio:

  1. Simple static image without lightbox.
  2. The classic single image.
  3. Fully responsive images slider with captions and video support.
  4. Inline slider, perfectly integrated into a grid sizing system.
  5. Audio player supporting single song or tracklist + Spotify, Mixcloud, or SoundCloud.
  6. Inline Audio player, having the same features.
  7. Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion or also self-hosted video.
  8. Inline video, bringing the same features in the grid context.
  9. Linked tile, redirecting users with advanced controls.
  10. Custom content, a blank space ready to be filled with your content.
  11. Post contents, dynamically fetching contents from a post type.
  12. Inline text, supporting shortcodes, HTML, and video background.
  13. And of course, the “spacer” item to help you creating awesome layouts.
  14. Each one having its custom options to be shown as you need.


Use existing posts or WP library images!

Do you already have a lot of content and don’t want to lose time creating items?
You can compose grids also with them!

Media Grid supports any public post type (eg. posts or WooCommerce products) ready to be included from visual grid builder. They will be displayed as “single image” items, with associated lightbox, or also as the direct links to their original page.

Plus, every post can be tuned through several options, as you do with Media Grid items. Can be also associated with grid categories to be filtered!

Want to use your WP Media Library images? For sure!
It’s the quickest way to use the plugin as a gallery engine.

The lightbox

The plugin is not unique because of its grid layout system, but also because of its lightbox! Allowing shortcodes, HTML, and javascript usage to fill it with virtually any content you need to show (eg. a slider or media player)

Featuring two main modes:

Contents-focused: perfect for a portfolio, preferring texts over media and without height limits. Usable in 5 different layouts (also individually selectable for each item).

Media-focused: a gallery-like mode, using screen sizes as limits. Fits perfectly with impacting visual content. Texts can be placed on the right or left side.
And also 8 different command layouts, touch-swipe integration, carousel, and modal modes.

Unlimited attributes

One of the most important things in a portfolio is to display clearly items characteristics. They could simply refer to the author of a photo or display the track’s album or release date. With Media Grid you can create unlimited item attributes, with related icons, for each item type. Sort them and use only the ones needed!

CSS3 SEO lightbox and deep linking system

A lot of things are hidden under Media Grid lightbox: it is not only completely managed by lightweight CSS code but also optimized to let search engines find content with ease.

The best way to keep everything fast and clean is to use AJAX calls, but normally it is against best SEO practices. Media Grid goes beyond this, using HTML5 functions to create true URLs for each element: lightbox, filters, pagination, and even item searches. Everything autonomously, without third-part solutions!

Try these two links related to the grid on the bottom of this page: “Galleries” filter “Bicycle gallery” item.

But there’s more: Media grid offers also a special XML file to be used in specific SEO systems such as Google Webmaster Tools. Containing item links and associated featured images to push contents indexing as fast as possible!

SEO pagination system

Media Grid offers 6 different pagination solutions: from simple arrows to numbered buttons to infinite scroll! But, why is it an “SEO friendly” pagination?

Item details are all loaded on the page, but only search engines will be able to completely index your awesome items. Pagination is also tracked by a deep linking system, so you can share a specific grid page.

This means no impact on the page’s loading speed and at the same time a great advantage on the web!

1 Click fast setup

Are you not familiar with web sizes, margins, or colors? Don’t have time to manage each plugin setting?

No problem, the plugin is ready to be used out of the box and has got 10 preset styles you can enable just with one click!
Just choose what you like the most from the wizard and let Media Grid do the rest.

Once set, the style can be customized in any aspect: maximum simplicity and flexibility!

Shortcode wizard

Once you’ve created grids, using them in your website is simply as use the handy shortcode wizard, located on top of any WordPress editor.

Choose the grid, the pagination system, whether to display filters, their position and choose whether to use the items search system.

You can even decide to hide the “All” filter or to select a default filter that will be applied on the grid’s loading.

Move item texts under the featured image in two modes: attached or detached from item.

Finally, you can override global grid styling: setting custom margins, borders, and border-radius on the fly!

WooCommerce integration

Seamlessly integrated, Media Grid is a perfect solution also to create WooCommerce products showcases.

No complex processes: everything will be managed as a native item, supporting both single/multi-image products. As native items, they can be customized and mixed to other item types with no change at all to the WooCommerce core.

Also, product attributes and ratings are fetched and perfectly integrated into plugin systems.

Finally, Media Grid lightbox features a smart “add-to-cart” button: ajax-driven supports quantity and variable products!

Items search system

You can easily find items with the integrated searching system: it is based on items title and works in real-time, without delays!

Are titles too limited? Use the search helper, in the items editor, to add indexed words and add a semantic touch to searches!

“guitar play concert event” words have been used for the “SoundCloud track” item, in the main demo: give a try!

Optionally searches and filters are also performed through pages.

Comments integration

Engage visitors and know what they think about your products!

Media Grid, thanks to its deep linking engine, integrates with Disqus and Facebook Comments: probably the best social tools to get and manage comments seamlessly.

Obviously, this feature is totally optional, you can also disable comments for specific items.

WP builders integration

Stop wondering what hides behind complex shortcodes and start using real-time previews! They are the state-of-the-art of modern WordPress page building, speeding up development.

The plugin natively integrates with Elementor, Visual Composer, and Divi Builder, to give you the best user experience available today on WordPress.

100% Multilanguage

Media Grid is also completely translatable on both front and back ends.
You will be able to localize it by creating your .po file, using WPML or Polylang.

Yes, it has also the WPML multilingual certification and has been tested to work seamlessly with it!

Tune in as you prefer!

As per LCweb’s philosophy, the plugin’s strong point is customizability. Every aspect of grid items and lightbox can be changed to match the look and feel you need!
Be amazed by reading the complete features list or checking settings screenshots.

Unlimited colors, margins, paddings, borders, sharing icons styles, filters position, and colors. Four item’s navigation styles, six lightbox navigation styles, five lightbox content layouts, three lightbox entrance/sliding effects, 16 CSS3 loaders, full typography control: are only a bit of what you can manage. Everything easily, with few clicks.

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