OnePlus 10R 5G review: Beautifully redefined

The OnePlus 10R boasts a sleek, standard design with flat rails around the edges and a clear-cut display that is flush with the bezel. The back of the device has a glossy, triple-camera module that is highlighted by an elegant blue color.

Yes, it does attract fingerprint smudges and also the dust gets accumulated around the circular rings of the sensors.

I wouldn’t worry too much, it only happens in the top left. The rest of the back panel has a matt finish and does a good job repelling fingerprints dust

At the base, you will find the Type-C port along with a mic, a speaker and dual-SIM tray slot. And, on the top, there’s just a tiny speaker and mic . The camera is on the back and it sits flush with the top of the phone.

OnePlus 10R 5G review: Beautifully redefined OnePlus 10R 5G review: Beautifully redefined OnePlus 10R 5G review: Beautifully redefined OnePlus 10R 5G review: Beautifully redefined

The phones were especially made for people who are sensitive to brighter lights. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – watching TV shows or surfing the web, our screens make everything super comfortable. We use a special type of LED with less brightness and blue light to make it easier on the eyes, so you can enjoy your time watching your favorite shows!

The user interface feels very “clean.” There are not many third-party apps, so that means there’s more room for the personal use of the phone. .The phone feels like a delicate piece of paper. It’s sleek, but easy to tear.There is no camera button on the side of the phone, so you have to rely on the multi-tasking button or home button to take a picture.

The front camera’s portrait mode is great for selfies, especially with that bokeh background blur effect. And you can almost always count on the edge detection to do a good job of making the face, ears and hair stand out. . One downside is the portrait mode is only available for the front camera.

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